The Algebra of Trace Modules

We'll work on calculating and understanding trace modules over various kinds of commutative rings. The goal of this project is to contribute to the development of modern trace module theory within commutative algebra as part of a larger NSF-funded project "Singularities, Rigidity and Trace Modules". Students will conduct literature searches, learn to use Macaulay2 and other computational software and develop general research skills within "pure" math (e.g. learning how to generate and pursue math research questions). 


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HMC Lindo Commutative Algebra Group
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These positions are part of a larger newly NSF-funded project "Singularities, Rigidity and Trace Modules" and will help with the long-term development of an undergraduate commutative algebra group within the Claremont Consortium. Trace Modules themselves are attracting a lot of attention within commutative algebra, with lots of room for undergraduates to develop their own research questions, make meaningful mathematical contributions and/or publish (e.g. The project already has a number of undergrads working on it, so you will be joining a team of students and have the opportunity to work both independently and collaboratively.  

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Abstract Algebra or equivalent (the more algebra the better). 

Working collaboratively with other students.

Commitment to meeting for >=1 hr, at least once a week.

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Spring - Part Time
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Commutative and Homological Algebra

How to conduct theoretical/pure math research

Algebraic computations via Macaulay2 or other computational software

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Haydee Lindo
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Haydee Lindo
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2 sp. | 6 appl.
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Fall - Part Time (+1)
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