Creating an Estimation and Data Association Course for MITLL

The MIT Lincoln Laboratory is interested in hiring a summer intern to help us prepare an internal course on Estimation and Data Association. HMC alum Bryan Teague will lead and direct this effort.

The course will be pitched as a graduate-level course. That said, this would be a unique, valuable, and well-aligned experience for a student excited about the topics.

The primary role would involve preparing lessons and exercises in Jupyter notebooks using existing Julia codebases. The student intern would develop deep hands-on experience with the mathematics and theory, software implementations, and a wide variety of applications.

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MIT Lincoln Lab (Lexington, MA)
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MITLL has had success through many internship-based projects with HMC in the past. (Mudd alums include Sarah Lichtman, Eric Storm, Stephen Pinto, Andrew Fishberg, Max Waugaman, Eyassu Shimelis, Rose Didcock, and Jimmy Fernandez.)

This project is being directed by Bryan Teague '10 and Jimmy Fernandez '21.

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Computer Science
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This project requires experience and enthusiasm with the mathematical and computational skills involved in estimation and statistics. It would not be expected - or possible - to already have experienced all topics that this project will cover and "curricularize."

Excitement for learning it -- and for developing and communicating it clearly and creatively -- is the most important prerequisite!

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Summer - Full Time
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Participating in this project will build deep familiarity with both the theory and practice in the important fields of estimation and data association. These are foundational layers for many projects in artificial sensing (vision, data-interpretation) and robotics (decision making and world-modeling).

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Zach Dodds
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Bryan Teague
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Summer - Full Time
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Computer Science (+2)
Computer ScienceEngineeringMathematics