CS Staff

This project will create new interfaces to support CS-class and CS-department experiences. Students joining our CS Staff team will build their webdev skills by designing and deploying small, custom-purpose pages and apps. These will be used to help all students' experiences: in courses, in grutoring, and throughout the department. 

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CS Staff
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For the department's first two decades, CS Staff was a group of students who explored and created ways to make CS's resources as accessible and useful as possible. Although the systems have changed, this project envisions a CS Staff that does the same thing, for the systems new in common use.

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Computer Science
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Prior experience is not required. The most important characteristic is enthusiasm for improving all students' future experiences as part of a team, learning new skills as you do.

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Summer - Full Time
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CS Staff will certainly build web development skills as part of the summer's investigations. The team will take on tasks that have been suggested by students and professors and build several small projects. Students will get practice conducting user studies by talking to the requesters, piloting prototype systems with the summer community, and refining those systems based on that feedback before they're deployed during the fall '22 and spring '23 semesters.

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Zach Dodds
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Xanda Schofield, Zach Dodds
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4 sp. | 42 appl.
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Summer - Full Time
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Computer Science