Formal Methods for Quantitative Program Analysis

My projects tackle problems of knowing what programs will do. These are challenging problems (uncomputable, in fact!). On top of that, we also want to know HOW MANY ways a program can do its thing.

Counting the ways that a program can do something requires analyzing the source code (this is called static analysis), analyzing the running program (this is called dynamic analysis) and performing combinatorial computations (via logic and a field called "model counting"). Doing so allows us to answer questions like "how safe is my code?", "how many test inputs do I need in order to discover some interesting program behavior?", "how complicated is my code?", or “how can an autonomous agent optimize its interaction with my code?”.


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Application information: In your application, please describe your interest or background in the intersection of mathematics (combinatorics / algebra) and programming languages.

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Learn and practice math and programming analysis with other people who also enjoy these topics. 


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Excitement about programming languages, program analysis, combinatorics, logic, automated theorem proving, and / or abstract algebra is a real win. With this project you'll emerge with even more of that excitement! Join in! A formal prior background in these areas is possibly beneficial but definitely not necessary--we'll learn together as we go.

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Program analysis, combinatorics, graph theory, logic, automated theorem proving, abstract algebra, symbolic execution, software development, human-computer interaction. 

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Lucas Bang
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