Green Organic Synthesis

We are developing eco-friendly reactions to rapidly prepare complex molecules (many of which have never been synthesized before) with potential medical and optical applications. We aim to prepare these compounds in 1-3 steps with minimal waste, and selected products will be submitted to collaborators for antibiotic screening and/or tested for fluorescent properties.

To apply for this position:

1) Meet with Prof Vosburg to talk about the project and your experiences.

2) Do not apply via this website. Instead, apply via the Chemistry Luke Scholars ApplicationYou may find it helpful to look at the form now before you start your application process.

All parts of the application should be submitted by 5pm, December 10th for complete consideration.

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Vosburg lab
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Chem 56 and Chem 58 (organic chemistry I and lab) are preferred co-requisites.

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Spring - Part Time
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Student researchers will gain experience performing reactions, purifying products, and analyzing compounds by thin-layer chromatography, mass spectrometry, and IR and NMR spectroscopy.

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David Vosburg
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David Vosburg
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Spring - Part Time
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