Laboratory Development in the Freshman Chemistry Laboratory

The goal of this research project will be to propose and develop a new laboratory experiment for the freshman chemistry course at Harvey Mudd College. A literature search in the field of chemistry laboratory development at the undergraduate level will be completed to identify several laboratory experiments that may be incorporated in the new core chemistry curriculum at HMC. Working with Prof. Nemr, learning objectives will be set for a laboratory experiment, which will help guide the adaptation and optimization of an experimental protocol that is suited for the freshman chemistry laboratory course at HMC. The student will conduct laboratory experiments and propose modifications, as needed. In addition, the student will be involved in the development of discussion questions for the experiment writeup and the creation of a grade sheet for the experiment.

To apply for this position:

1) Meet with Prof. Nemr to talk about the project and your experiences.

2) Do not apply via this website. Instead, apply via the Chemistry Luke Scholars ApplicationYou may find it helpful to look at the form now before you start your application process.

All parts of the application should be submitted by 5pm, December 10th for complete consideration.

Name of research group, project, or lab
Nemr Research Group
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The research focus of this group is in Chemistry Education and is of particular interest to students interested in pursuing careers in teaching and learning (e.g. high school and post-secondary education).

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Teaching & Learning
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Preference will be given to students who have completed Chem 24 or are enrolled in Chem 24 in fall 2021.

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Spring - Part Time
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Carine Nemr
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Carine Nemr
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Spring - Part Time
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Chemistry (+1)
ChemistryTeaching & Learning