Manufacturing Transformation

This fellowship provides exciting opportunities to pursue applied and basic research initiatives in Manufacturing Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Quality Engineering. Design, and Engineering Management.

By applying engineering and management principles, we work with two companies to make them more competitive by reducing their costs and lead time and improving their efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction. We show them a new modern way to manufacture their products and, in the process, help with their transformation and culture change.  

Name of research group, project, or lab
Riggs Fellowship in Engineering Management & Manufacturing Engineering
Why join this research group or lab?

- Help transform companies (great experience)

- Attend the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering conference in Seattle in May

- Present your summer work at a future conference

- Opportunity to work with CEOs, executives, engineers, and operators

- This experience is very attractive on the resume and would provide great job opportunities

- Opportunities to win global & national competitions & recognition:




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Strong technical, leadership, and communication skills

Engineering major

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Summer - Full Time
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Techniques learned

Lean Manufacturing

Six Sigma

Engineering Management & Leadership



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Kash Gokli
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Professor, Director Riggs Fellowship
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Kash Gokli
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5 sp. | 0 appl.
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Summer - Full Time
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