Modeling the Propagation of Fake News on Social Media

We are examining the network effects of political content propagation in social media to understand how the bias and truthfulness of content affect its spread.

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The propagation of fake news has directly impacted national and global elections as well as other current events such as protests for racial justice and the pandemic.  

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The interested students should have proficiency and/or a desire to learn R, as well as proficiency in python.  It would be helpful if the students have taken courses in probability, statistics and/or operations research beyond core.

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We will be using techniques from probability, optimization, and data science.  The student researchers will assist with surveying the literature, developing experimental protocols, writing simulation code, analyzing results, and writing a manuscript. 

- Literature review

- Technical writing

- Data collection, cleaning, analysis

- Simulation

- Experimental design

- Probability and statistics

- Optimization

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Susan Martonosi
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Professor of Mathematics
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Susan Martonosi
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2 sp. | 4 appl.
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