Music Information Retrieval Research

The goal of the MIR Lab is to train machine learning and signal processing ninjas using music & audio as a playground.  Some ongoing projects include:

- predicting the composer of a fragment of music based on its compositional style

- identifying a piece of sheet music based on a cell phone picture of it

- cross-verifying audio recordings for the purpose of detecting fake or tampered audio

I am looking to hire 2-3 students to do full-time work over the summer and part-time work during spring semester.  Students will develop skills in signal processing and machine learning, and will contribute to writing research papers.

Students may join ongoing projects or work on new projects designed around their interests and technical/musical abilities. 

Application Materials:  Please fill out this google form and upload your resume and unofficial transcript through the uro website by Dec 5.


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Music Information Retrieval Lab
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To hear more about the lab, you can watch our lab infosession.

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Machine Learning
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- Able to enroll in 2-3 units (3 preferred) of research during spring semester.

- Available for (paid) full-time work over the summer through the Summer Research College.

- Strong interest in signal processing and/or machine learning.


Ideal candidates will also have the following:

- Strong programming skills, especially with Python.

- Any background or coursework in machine learning.

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Students will learn how to use modern tools in machine learning and signal processing.

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TJ Tsai
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TJ Tsai
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