Pre-lab Video Development in Chem 24

The goal of this research project will be to create short pre-lab videos for Chem 24, to help prepare students for experiments by highlighting key aspects of experimental setup, safety, and chemical disposal. This project will help support the curriculum updates that took place this past spring/summer in the core chemistry courses at HMC (Chem 24 and Chem 42, formerly Chem 23a/b). The students (3 total) will work with Prof. Nemr, in collaboration with Prof. Kromer to plan, record, act in, and edit videos for Chem 24 experiments, which will be shared with students in upcoming semesters.  An example of a video made by students this fall can be accessed here:

Please meet with Prof. Nemr to talk about the project and your experiences. You can schedule a meeting by email:

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