Robot Movement Simulation

This project, supported by Sontag Center for Collaborative Creativity (The Hive)  is concerned with interactively simulating robot motion as a teaching tool for AI, cognitive science, and philosophy of mind. This project is co-advised by Professors Lucas Bang (HMC CS) and Brian Keeley (Pitzer Philosophy). The primary inspiration for this project is Valentino Braitenberg’s Vehicles: Experiments in Synthetic Psychology. 

There are two potential directions to explore: (1) developing a simulator from scratch and (2) adapting existing software to satisfy our criteria.

Name of research group, project, or lab
Prof. Bang's ALPAQA Lab
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Computer Science
Artificial Intelligence
Teaching & Learning
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Desired background: 

Completion of the Minds and Machines (COGS 123) course at Pitzer is helpful but not required. If you have taken this course, you will be given top priority on this project. 

Interactive simulation and game programming interest and experience is valuable (especially in something like p5.js / processing / open frameworks / webots)

Interest or experience in cognitive science

Perseverance with debugging and getting code running


Time commitment
Fall - Part Time
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Paid Research
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Lucas Bang
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Computer Science Professor
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Lucas Bang
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2 sp. | 8 appl.
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Fall - Part Time
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Computer Science (+3)
Computer ScienceArtificial IntelligenceRoboticsTeaching & Learning