Using Astronomy to Improve Tests of Quantum Mechanics

We will build and optimize a portable source of quantum mechanically entangled photons. We will measure their polarization with a polarizer whose angle is set by incoming star light. We also need to build the device that takes the star light and turns it into an electronic signal and the device that turns that electronic signal into a polarizer rotation. We will build interferometers and something called a quantum eraser.

This research can only take place on campus, so if there is no on-campus research this summer, I won't be able to support you.

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Quantum Quasars Lab
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As far as I know, there are only two projects that do things with both entangled photons and astronomy. This is one. Join if you are interested in applying your knowledge of optics and electronics to either quantum entanglement or astronomy.

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Circuit Design
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You need to have taken optics and electronics in some form. After the design phase, you will be in a mostly dark lab turning knobs and taking data. This research can only take place on campus.

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Summer - Full Time
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Optics and electronics design.

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Jason Gallicchio
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Physics Professor
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Jason Gallicchio
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4 sp. | 5 appl.
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Summer - Full Time
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Physics (+3)
PhysicsAstronomyCircuit DesignOptics