Scripting for All

Creating small programs is a powerful way to investigate - and internalize - a technical idea. "Personal-use" programs are typically scripts: Python, R, Matlab, Wolfram, etc. It is exciting that scripting-as-medium-of-exploration is growing beyond CS: HMC's Bio 52, Physics 50, and Climate Change are a few examples among many. This project (a) investigates where (else) scripting may be useful, and (b) designs, tests, and refines materials/exercises in collaboration with instructors who might consider scripting for their courses. 

An open-ended (and challenging) part of this project arises from language-choice. Although all scripting languages are theoretically equivalent in their expressive  power, they are not equivalent in convenience or identity. Languages and IDEs are badges that signal ease-of-contribution and community-acceptance. We will (work to) create materials that build bridges, rather than islands, within this academic-identity space.

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Computing for Inquiry
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This project starts a new chapter in our NSF Computing for Insight project. Join us in helping as many people as possible leverage (and enjoy leveraging) the toolsets of our era, especially in building integrative STEM skills.

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Computer Science
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Rising sophomores have joined this project in the past, with success. Non-sophomores have, as well. (Thank you, everyone!). If you are excited to learn and develop STEM experiences (e.g., in genetics, modeling, climate science) that benefit from and build from computing, this project will be a good fit!

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You will be even better at scripting than before the project, for sure! Probably webdev, too, as there's no point avoiding  the world's "interface convergence." 

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Zach Dodds
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Zach Dodds
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Computer Science